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The services for the official can be found on the old portal until December 14. From December 15, the official can use the services in the entrepreneur's view.

Entrepreneur is updated!
We are happy to welcome You to the renewed

In the updated portal You will find:

  • New entrepreneur view with the dashboard (log in!).
  • Change entrepreneur role in the left menu
  • Updated e-services
  • New main menu
  • User-friendly search

The so-called green portal, which has served us well, will be closed to the end user just before Christmas.

If you have any observations, please leave us feedback.
Life events
I have fallen ill
Here, you can find information and instructions on topics related to the health data of you and your family.
Having a baby
Here, you can find information and instructions on activities and allowances related to the birth of a child.
Starting a family
Here, you can find information and instructions on marriage, registered partnerships, applying for new documents after changing your name, etc.
I am changing my residence
Here, you can find information on registration of residence, concluding contracts for electricity, water, and waste transport, changing your family physician, etc.
I would like to establish a company
Here, you can find information on forms of business, registering a company, hiring employees, paying taxes, areas of activity subject to special requirements, etc.
I am a vehicle owner
Here, you can find information on the right to drive, activities related to vehicles, and motor third party liability insurance.
I lost my job
Here, you can find information on rights and duties while being registered as unemployed and possibilities of finding a job.
Going on pension
Here you will find information on planning, applying for, the taxation and payment of your pension.

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The state portal launched a renewed environment for entrepreneurs

From today, the state portal has a new environment aimed at entrepreneurs, containing important company information and the most used services.

Read the full article HERE.