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The national mailbox will be updated!

We are pleased to announce that an important part of the state portal, the national mailbox, will have new functionalities from 25 November and will become more user-friendly.

The purpose of updating the mailbox is to make it easier for people to communicate with the state and to help them better remember important events and deadlines.

In the new mailbox, in addition to incoming letters, sent messages and draft messages will also be saved. From 26 October, attachments to messages can be digitally signed and encrypted. In addition, the mailbox view will become clearer for the user.

The calendar in the national mailbox will also have a functionality that allows you to synchronise important events on the calendar with your other electronic calendars.

Attention! After the mailbox has been updated, all messages received in the national mailbox before the update can be found in the archive section.

The technical capability of eesti.ee will improve

The Information System Authority (RIA) is updating the online framework of the state portal eesti.ee, making the portal more sustainable and increasing its technical capability.

„We are moving towards a more distributed architecture with an aim to ensure the autonomy of the applications and to increase their reliability. From the perspective of the design of the portal, we have also been aiming to make the overall appearance simpler. Thus, the self-service module (e.g. My Data, the mailbox, the Personal Data Usage Monitor, etc.) and the content information have been placed together in the menu on the left in the logged-in view to make the information easier to find. In the mailbox view, new solutions will be added for the user in the second half of the year, such as the opportunity to sign and encrypt documents,“ said Kaisi Udumäe, Head of eesti.ee.

More information can be found on the website of the Information System Authority.

The Information System Authority forwarded the State Portal mailboxes

The Information System Authority (RIA) forwarded the mailbox of the eesti.ee state portal to the e-mail addresses in the population register. Although mail is automatically redirected for people, everyone should to check their contact information. To do this, enter the state portal and check the e-mail address under the settings. In the settings, everyone can also opt out of forwarding the mailbox. The eesti.ee mailbox is used for sending information by, for example, the Tax and Customs Board, the Health Insurance Fund, the Defence League, the Defence Resources Agency, the Transport Administration, the Police and Border Guard Board, various ministries, the Supreme Court, the Unemployment Insurance Fund, etc.

More information can be found on the website of the Information System Authority.