e-Residency provides secure access to e-services offered by Estonian state and municipal institutions. Holders of e-resident’s card can sign documents digitally and log into every portal and access every information system that accepts Estonian ID-card.

What can I do with my e-resident’s digital identity

Your electronic ID is key to all the Estonian e-services that require authenticaion. For example, you can use your electronic ID to enter the Company Registration Portal and register your private limited company. Once your company begins business activity, you will start using the Tax and Customs Board portal to file taxes and communicate with the tax authority.

At the Estonian State portal you currently can:

  • forward your @eesti.ee e-mail address to your regular e-mail address to receive notifications from the state
  • digitally sign and share documents uploaded to My Documents
  • use other e-services that eventually would become relevant to you as your business and personal activities in Estonia expand.

How to apply for e-Residency

You can apply for e-Residency:

  • online at the Estonian E-Residency website;
  • in Estonia, at the service points of the Police and Border Guard in Estonia;
  • at the Estonian embassies and consular offices around the world.

Last amended: 28-07-2017 00:00 | Compiled by: State Portal eesti.ee