An unsatisfactory quality of service

When you order a service, you enter into a contract that requires the provider of services to complete the job by the agreed deadline and in the agreed manner. The client is obliged to pay the agreed price for the job.

Read about using services and service contracts at the home page of the Consumer Protection Board.

What if the results of the work are unsatisfactory?

  • To avoid later disputes, all contracts should be prepared in writing.
  • Check the service – count the number of items ordered, check for obvious shortcomings in the completed work.
  • The contract has not been performed as agreed? If you have submitted an incorrect order – wrong material, wrong measurements – you have entered into the contract in error, but it does not mean that the contract is void. Cancelling a contract requires that the other party has understood that a person made an error in placing the order.
  • Deliver your complaint to the service provider in writing or in the presence of witnesses. The chance of a later court case implies that you will need evidence. The client may choose to turn directly to the court or to opt for the extrajudicial system. Extrajudicial settlement of complaints is very common in Europe. This option is significantly simpler, more convenient and less time- and money-consuming for both the consumer and the trader. Your options of extrajudicial settlement include contacting the Consumer Protection Board or the Consumer Complaint Committee.
  • There are several legal remedies pursuant to the Law of Obligations Act, its general part and the provisions related to contracts for services. Address the court if necessary, and file a statement of claim demanding that the contract be performed and damages compensated.

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