Travel and travel arrangement services

The terms and conditions of trips offered by Estonian travel agencies must comply with the General Travel Contract Conditions compiled by the Estonian Association of Travel Agents.

In order to sell their services, travel agents shall enter into a sales contract, which shall include:

  • obligations and responsibility
  • rights
  • price of the trip
  • insurance
  • terms and conditions of disclaiming services
  • claims and compensation for damage.

What do consumers need to consider before purchasing a trip

  • Before purchasing a trip, study the background of the tour operator. Be sure that the Estonian tour operator is registered in the Register of Economic Activities and has sufficient security.
  • The company must be able to present thorough materials on the trip and the destination. In addition, the travel consultant must be ready to answer questions.
  • Make sure what is the shortest and the longest time to withdraw from a trip and how much money will be refunded in such an event.
  • Are any visas needed? How much do they cost? Find out if the travel agency organises the visas or do you have to apply for them yourself.
  • Find out what happens in case of trouble during the trip and what to do to solve problems.
  • In case of purchasing a packet, the travel agency shall present the contact data of its representative in the country of destination.
  • Get travel insurance. It is recommended to consider all possible types of insurance (trip cancellation insurance, medical help, luggage). Travel insurance is extremely important! Without it you are not entitled to any kind of help or compensation, should you fall ill during the trip or should the trip be cancelled.
  • Before entering into a contract for purchasing travel services, read it carefully. Should you have any questions, ask the travel consultant immediately.
  • In case of an advance payment, you must be provided with a document proving the payment – an invoice or a receipt. Keep all the documents, invoices etc. until the end of the trip. They will prove useful in resolving future claims.
  • The person selling the trip must provide you with a document displaying the contact details of the tour operator and its local representative, the final price and schedule of the trip, exact information relating to transport, accommodation, catering and the entertainment planned, information relating to passport and visa requirements, and the terms and conditions of withdrawal from the trip.

ECC-Net or the network of EU Consumer Centres has an app about traveller’s rights, which provides you information about your rights in typical situations (e.g. shopping, renting a car, booking a hotel room). It also has useful expressions in the local language of your travel destination. Additionally, the app enables you to quickly find contact information of local embassies and consumer protection centres.

Last amended: 27-04-2016 00:00 | Compiled by: Consumer Protection Board