A warranty is a confirmation given to the buyer by a seller or producer that the item purchased will be under the conditions of guarantee replaced or repaired either free of charge or according to other terms laid down in the guarantee conditions.

The warranty period starts from delivering goods or services to the purchaser unless the contract states differently. The warranty period will be stopped for the period the purchaser cannot use the product or service due to discrepandy with the guarantee contract. The warrantor is responsible for compliance with the terms of the contract.

The direct seller has to deal with the problems and purchaser claims that have appeared during the warranty period. In case of problems with home appliances the representatives of firms or importers solve the claims. Before purchasing home appliances consumers should specify how problems with warranty will be organised.

Warranty terms

When purchasing an item, it must be noted that the warranty includes:

  • the warrantor’s name and address
  • the person to turn to when problem arise uder the warranty period
  • what warranty rights are given to the consumer
  • the order how warranty rights are proceeded
  • the warranty period
  • an explanation that in addition to the rights under the guarantee the consumer has other statutory rights.

The consumer has 2 years to submit a claim. If the purchased item is replaced, the new warranty will be given similarly to the baseline. Warranty Terms and Conditions shall not put the consumer in a worse position than the law, that is regardless of warranty eligibility criteria (eg, 1 year warranty period), the consumer will still be entitled to claim the seller within two years.

Given the voluntary nature of the guarantee, the seller may change the terms listed above. The seller may limit the sale of the warranty, for example geographically as well as set different terms for replacing the components.

A warranty may include or may be limited to replacing the item. Many mobile phone vendors provide a replacement phone to the consumer during the period their phone is being repaired under the warranty. If the seller has not specified the terms of guarantee, it is assumed that the consumer has the right to claim cost free repairing or replacing the item.

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