Consumer protection in the European Union

In relation to the free movement of goods and services in the European Union (EU), the entire internal market of the EU is open to the consumers of Estonia as a member state. The wide range of goods and services on the internal market and the increasing opportunities to travel are attracting consumers to make increasingly more cross-border purchases. There are also more possibilities for buying goods and services via the Internet.

The European Consumer Centre

For consumers to feel as confident in making purchases in other EU countries as they do in their home country, special European Consumer Centres have been established. In Estonia, consumer rights are protected in the case of cross-border purchases by the European Consumer Centre of Estonia established within the Consumer Protection Board. The main task of the Centre is to resolve cross-border consumer complaints.

The Centre provides a full service to consumers: information about consumer rights in EU member states, consultation on how to act in the case of matters related to cross-border purchases, the resolution of disputes if necessary, or intermediation services for relevant institutions in whichever EU member state etc. The services of the Centre are free for consumers.

The following persons may turn to the European Consumer Centre of Estonia:

  • Estonian consumers with questions or problems related to purchases made in other EU member states, incl. air passenger rights, as well as online purchases and mail order purchases
  • consumers of other EU member states who are in need of consultation or who have a problem with the goods/services bought in Estonia, incl. online purchases and mail order purchases.

Submitting a complaint

An enquiry or complaint, the forms for which can be found on the website of the European Consumer Centre of Estonia, are intended for submission in case you have any questions/problems with regard to cross-border purchases, or in cases where the goods or services have been purchased from a different state or via the Internet. The enquiry shall be answered within 30 days at the latest.

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