Architecture, i.e. the planning of the built environment, is an area governed at state level by the:

  • Ministry of Culture – protection of architectural heritage and architecture as an art form
  • Ministry of the Interior – regional development and local government issues
  • Ministry of Finance – public administration and spatial planning
  • Ministry of the Environment – environmental protection
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications – construction and housing.

The Museum of Estonian Architecture

The Museum of Estonian Architecture situated in the Tallinn Rotermann Salt Storage was established in 1991 with the purpose of preserving and promoting the history of Estonian architecture and the importance of a high-quality built environment. The museum mainly focuses on organising exhibitions and popularising architecture. The museum has initiated several innovative audience programmes and series of excursions, it is also actively organising educational activities. The museum includes the School of Architecture – a hobby school for children and youngsters.

The Estonian Architecture Centre is entrusted with the task of promoting contemporary Estonian architecture both in Estonia and abroad. The centre organises informative events and exhibitions, carries out architecture-related projects, etc. The Architecture Centre was established in 2008 by the Estonian Association of Architects and the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Architect associations

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