Working ability allowance

The following persons between the age of 16 and the pensionable age are entitled to working ability allowance:

  • Estonian citizen residing in Estonia;
  • aliens residing in Estonia on the basis of a residence permit or right of residence;
  • persons enjoying international protection staying in Estonia or asylum seekers staying in Estonia who have the right to take employment in Estonia under the Act on Granting International Protection to Aliens.

Residents of Estonia whose residence is in several states are entitled to working ability assessment and working ability allowance if they are residents for the purposes of the Income Tax Act or if they reside permanently in Estonia for the purposes of the Aliens Act.

Conditions for receiving the allowance

To be granted working ability allowance, a person must have their working ability assessed. If the Unemployment Insurance Fund has assessed a person of having partial or no working ability, they have the right to receive working ability allowance and are provided with health insurance.

If a person has been assessed as having partial work ability, they must meet at least one of the following conditions to receive working ability allowance, i.e. they must be:

  • working;
  • searching for a job, i.e. be registered as unemployed and meeting the activity requirements;
  • studying – acquiring basic, secondary, vocational or higher education;
  • raising at least one child under three years of age;
  • caring for a family member with a severe or profound disability or a disabled person;
  • receiving support for creative activity from the artistic association;
  • placed in a social welfare institution to receive the 24-hour special care service without their consent;
  • receiving involuntary treatment or another substitutive punishment or sanction provided by law;
  • in compulsory military service, alternative service or reserve service.

If a person has been assessed as having no working ability, they are not required to meet the aforementioned activity requirements.

The existing daily rate of the working ability allowance is 11.82 euros, the amount of which per calendar day is:

  • for a person with partial working ability – 57% of the current daily rate (6.74 euros per day, approximately 202.1 euros per month);
  • for a person with no working ability – 100% of the current daily rate (11.82 euros per day, approximately 354.6 euros per month).

The working ability allowance is paid for the previous calendar month by the 10th day of the following calendar month by Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Applying for the allowance

You can fill in the application for working ability allowance (doc, 400 kB, in Estonian) and submit it:

  • via the self-service portal;
  • at a county office of the Unemployment Insurance Fund;
  • by e-mail, if digitally signed, to;
  • by regular mail, if signed, to Lasnamäe 2, Tallinn 11412, Estonia.

Read more about the working ability allowance from the website of the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

If you have any questions, call the information line of the Unemployment Insurance Fund at 15501 (when calling from abroad, dial +372 614 8500), contact in Skype (tootukassa), or write an e-mail to

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