Disability card

The Social Insurance Board issues disability cards to:

  • children with (moderate, severe or profound) disability;
  • adults with (moderate, severe or profound) disability not holding a pension certificate.

Disability cards are not issued to persons holding a pension certificate – they can certify their degree of disability with the pension certificate.

The expert assessment report or any additional certificate supporting the type of disability can also still be used to certify the degree of disability or entitlement to travel fare concession.

The purpose of the disability card is to simplify certification of the degree of disability in connection with exercising the rights granted to the disabled and receiving various concessions. Further, the disability card facilitates the verification of entitlement to benefit.

The disability card is plastic, duochrome (previously orange and yellow, from September 2017 white and blue), dimensions 54 × 86 mm.

The following particulars are entered on the card:

  • card number;
  • person’s given name and surname;
  • personal identification code;
  • date of birth;
  • degree of disability;
  • card expiration date;
  • issuer.

The card is valid together with an identity document (incl. for example, a student card).

Upon first-time application of disability card, the application may be submitted:

The application form for the disability card (pdf, 16,7 kB) is available on the website of the Social Insurance Board and at the customer service offices of the Social Insurance Board. NB! All official forms are in Estonian.

The application will be reviewed and the card will be issued within 15 calendar days from submitting a duly completed application.

If the application is submitted together with a request for an expert assessment to determine the degree of disability, the card and the expert assessment report will be issued within 15 calendar days from drafting the report.

The card issued will have the same expiration date as the report certifying the degree of disability and the amount of additional expenses arising due to the disability.

If the card expires, a new card is issued to the disabled person together with the expert assessment report upon repeated determination of the degree of disability. There is no need to submit a new application for receiving the card.

If you have any questions, call the information line of the Social Insurance Board at 16106 or (+372) 612 1360 or write an e-mail to info@sotsiaalkindlustusamet.ee.

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