Problems and questions related to school

Questions related to school work and the organization side of academic life should be addressed to the school and then to the local government official, county government educational department, and thereafter to the Ministry of Education and Research.

On the school level

Answers to questions about academic life are available from the school. Contact the class director, teaching and education director or school director. Information on the school curriculum and rules of procedure is also available from them.

Questions related to the following should be addressed to the Foundation Innove:

  • application of the state curriculum
  • state examinations, basic school final examinations, standard-determining tests
  • Estonian language proficiency examination
  • expert analysis of foreign school-leaving documents certifying basic and secondary education.

Information on nationwide academic tournaments is available from the University of Tartu Science School.

On the county government level

If a problem remains unresolved in school, the next step should be to notify a county government official.

The following is in the purview of the municipality or city educational official level:

  • municipality or city education development programme
  • educational institutions in a district or area
  • matters of organization of studies – conditions for admissions of students, electives, study areas, existence of a student home, transport and food service problems
  • financing educational institutions in an area or district.

The following is in the purview of the county government education department:

  • supervision in municipal and private educational institutions – legislation, compliance with state curriculum, organization of the studies and the educational process
  • county student events and academic tournaments
  • regional educational policy.

On the level of the Ministry of Education and Research

If problems remain unresolved at the school, local government and county government level, a written statement should be sent to the Ministry of Education and Research supervision department. Anonymous letters are not answered. Nor are problems handled over the phone, as both parties in a disagreement must be heard before a response is made.

The following is not in the purview of the Ministry of Education and Research, the county governments or the school operators:

  • labour dispute matters – contact the Labour Inspectorate.
  • violation of health protection requirements at school – notify the Health Board.
  • disregard for fire safety requirements – contact the local subunit of the Rescue Board.

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