School safety

School safety means a physically and mentally safe environment for learning and teaching. Successful learning and teaching can only occur in an environment without concern about possible dangers or disturbing behaviour, when the pupil or teacher feels safe and as a valued participant. All pupils and school employees are entitled to expect their right to teach and learn to be fully protected.

The school is an environment for growing and developing. Growth and development presume the courage to review and re-evaluate one’s existing principles. But also the courage to make mistakes, acknowledge such mistakes and learn from them. The task of the school is to create an environment safe for making mistakes and learning from them. Also for those who need help and support in doing so.

Each person connected with a school has their role in ensuring safety – the pupils can do their part in ensuring that they and their companions are able to focus on learning and the teacher is able to teach; the adults can do their part by using their expertise and experience in the best possible way in ensuring that the school is a safe place for learning and teaching for everyone.

Police officers are involved in case of offences or complex situations to ensure security. The daily responsibility for ensuring physical and mental safety lies on the school, i.e. its employees. The school safety home page of the Ministry of Education and Research includes more specific guidelines and information links for handling most widespread dangers in school life (e.g. bullying).

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