National defence in-service training

At the Estonian Defence Forces Battle School, study may be undertaken to become a senior non-commissioned officer and acquire a vocational secondary education in military command and control. Not only contract servicemen but reservists, too, may apply for admission to the basic course for senior non-commissioned officers at the Estonian Defence Forces Battle School. With those about to commence study in the course, active service contracts are concluded and, once they have completed the course, they will be assured of positions in the Armed Forces. Those who complete the course successfully will be granted vocational education certificates in military command and control and the rank of third sergeant major.

The Estonian Defence League School is an internal training centre of the Estonian Defence League that provides informal education, in two concentrations:

  • military command
  • control and human resources development.

The military command and control concentration encompasses, in the way of further education, the reserve senior officer (platoon sergeant), reserve officer (platoon commander) and reserve officer (company commander) courses. In addition to these, the Harju and Tartu regional units conduct reserve junior officer (reserve junior non-commissioned officer) courses under the aegis of the Estonian Defence League School.

Apart from further education courses, various further education and specialist courses in military command and control may be undertaken at the Estonian Defence League School, such as the shooting instructor course of the Estonian Defence League, warfare under winter conditions, a course in staging point leadership, etc.

The human resources development concentration focuses on the personal development of leaders, courses that develop teaching and leadership skills like public speaking, and courses in military command and control.

Outside of these concentrations, there are courses under the aegis of the Estonian Defence League School whose quality the School supervises and assures and after the completion of which the School confers its own certificates. Such courses include, for instance, practical youth work, a public relations course for the Women’s Home Defence (Naiskodukaitse) and a specialist course for platoon paramedics at the Estonian Defence League.

Compiled by: Estonian Defence Forces, Estonian Defence League