Financial aid for studies and education allowance

Students acquiring vocational secondary education and higher education can apply for a student loan, state education allowance or various scholarships.

Education allowances are paid from the state budget every month on the basis of the decision of the educational institution to students who have applied through an educational institution. Students who are on academic leave are not eligible to receive an education allowance. Nor are students eligible if they are currently receiving an educational allowance from a foreign government, an international or intergovernmental organization or cooperation programme.

Needs-based study allowance

A system of needs-based study allowance is applicable to all students entering institutions of higher education. Needs-based study allowance is given to students who studies full-time and completes the curriculum requirements in 75% and whose family’s monthly income per family member is below 358 euros. More information can be found on the web site of Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

In case the income of the student has decreased rapidly additional needs-based allowance can be applied for directly from the educational institution.

Doctoral allowance

A doctoral student has the right to apply for a doctoral allowance starting in September for 12 calendar months. To apply for a doctoral allowance, an application must be submitted to the educational institution in the required format along with the required documents. The amount of the doctoral allowance is 422 euros a month.

The doctoral allowances may be applied for by doctoral students who:

  • are Estonian citizens or who reside in Estonia on the basis of a permanent or temporary residence permit.
  • are studying at a public university or a private university in a student place formed on the basis of state funding.
  • has not exceeded the standard term of study in the curriculum.
  • is studying in a student place formed on the basis of state funding unless set forth otherwise in the agreement.
  • has passed evaluation on conditions and in accordance with the procedure set forth by the university council, or is a first-year doctoral student and is studying in a student place formed on the basis of state funding.

Doctoral students have the opportunity to stand for Early Stage Researcher position at universities. More information is given by the universities.


A study loan is a state-guaranteed long-term loan for funding costs of tuition. The right to receive a study loan is held by a full-time student who is an Estonian citizen or resides in Estonia on the basis of a long-term residence permit or permanent residency. The maximum permissible amount of study loan shall be reviewed and determined by 1st of August of each year by the Government of the Republic.

A loan may be applied for at any time during the academic year, from mid-September to 1st of June. A study loan may be taken for the duration of the standard term of study for a given curriculum.

Study loans are available from all major banks. For more information on the conditions and the application process, contact the bank. Study loans are granted on the basis of the Study Allowances and Study Loans Act.

A tuition loan is a loan that can be used to pay only for paid studies. More information is given by banks.


University students can apply for various scholarships from institutions, organizations and companies. The conditions for receiving the scholarships are announced when the relevant scholarship is established. Scholarships from foreign countries are for those who intend to study at foreign universities. Information on scholarships is available on the website of a university.

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