Obligation of a possessor of a building to submit a fire safety report

A possessor of a building is obligated to verify the building’s compliance with fire safety requirements, ensure the safety of people, and maintain fire safety installations.

During checking fire safety, you must check the building, room, and device in your possession and make sure that using them is safe and proper.

The self-checking report on fire safety shall be compiled with the data from the previous calendar year, i.e. the reporting period (1 January – 31 December), by no later than** 31 March of the following year**.

The report can be submitted in the self-service environment tuleohutusaruanne.ee ( in Estonian) or by sending the digitally signed report via e-mail to the regional rescue centre of the location of the building.

A fire safety report must be compiled, for example, for the following buildings:

  • Nursery schools;
  • Schools;
  • Larger buildings where people gather;
  • Establishments providing accommodation for 50 and more people;
  • Medical and social welfare institutions;
  • Larger agricultural and industrial buildings;
  • Industrial or warehouse facilities which, in accordance with the Chemicals Act, belong to the category of enterprise liable to be affected by major accident;
  • High-rise buildings (9 floors and more);
  • Underground garages;
  • Public utility undertakings and institutions providing vital services.

A fire safety report is not compiled for residential buildings and living quarters.

A fire safety report shall be complied by the possessor of the building (user, tenant). If a building has several possessors, the owner of the building shall designate in writing the person responsible for compiling and submitting the fire safety report, who shall then compile and submit a common fire safety report for the building.

If several buildings on the territory of the institution meet the criteria of the compulsory self-check, a fire safety report shall be submitted for each building separately. The data presented in the fire safety reports must be documented at the institution or business or be verifiable otherwise.

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