Submission of data to Statistics Estonia

The main task of Statistics Estonia is to provide reliable and objective information on the environmental, demographic, social and economic situation and trends in Estonia. In producing statistics, Statistics Estonia is guided by the Official Statistics Act, by which all enterprises registered in Estonia are required to submit data to Statistics Estonia.

Statistics Estonia uses the submitted data for statistical purposes only and will not disclose them to third parties.


In order to guarantee the quality and sufficient level of detail of statistics by economic activities and size groups of enterprises, Statistics Estonia implements random sampling, which is in accordance with the method used in other European Union Member States. This method ensures that one small enterprise will not be simultaneously added to all possible samples.

To draw the sample, enterprises are grouped by the number of employees and by economic activity. From each group, the computer selects a certain number of enterprises who will be required to submit data. To harmonise the response burden of the enterprises, the list of enterprises has a definite order and the selection starts at a different point in the list for each report.

With the current sampling system and sample volumes, it is generally guaranteed that enterprises with up to nine employees are in the sample for a maximum of five years. Then, they will be excluded from one sample but can immediately be entered into the sample of another survey. If a sample has approximately 10% of the enterprises, it is ensured that an enterprise is in the sample for an average of five years, in the case of 20% of the enterprises – for 10 years, etc.

Enterprises with at least 50 employees are all subject to reporting requirements.

Whether your enterprise/institution is required to submit any questionnaires can be checked on Statistics Estonia’s website under the menu item “Submit data – Obligation to submit data”. Statistics Estonia will notify enterprises with a valid e-mail address of the approaching report deadline by sending them a corresponding notice.

Completion and submission of questionnaires

You will find all the questionnaires and the deadlines for filing them on Statistics Estonia’s website. Completed questionnaires can be submitted to Statistics Estonia via the electronic data submission environment eSTAT. In order to use eSTAT, you are required to file an application with Statistics Estonia to create a main user for the enterprise. The main user will, in turn, be able to add respondents and assign them reports which the respondent can access.

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