Finding partners on international markets

You can receive assistance in finding business partners from the state, EU institutions, professional associations in the member states, trading organizations and public databases.

State support

You can receive assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in finding partners and promoting yourself. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has special diplomats engaged in economic issues in Estonia’s foreign missions.

European Union institutions and organizations

EU institutions and the Internet pages and databases developed by them are a very good source for finding partners.

  • Information on the business opportunities and regulations in EU countries is available from the European Union Points of Single Contact;
  • The European Commission’s entrepreneurship information page offers practical information on business opportunities in EU countries and access to public e-services;
  • The European Business Register is a central database containing information from each member state’s official Commercial Register.

Trading organizations and professional associations

Private sector trading organizations offer a wide array of service and good direct contacts with similar organizations abroad. A fee is charged for these services.

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers practical information and partner search services in international cooperation under the name of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Additional information on the EEN Network is available at the general webpage of the Network and the Estonian webpage of the Network

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry also organizes business trips for finding contacts, helping to prepare the local chambers of commerce and other entrepreneurship organizations.

To find contacts, agriculture enterprises are advised to contact the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce.

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