Free movement of goods and Product Contact Points

The EU’s internal market operates under the assumption that the products released to the market legally in one country can be freely sold and used in other member states as well.

All goods that have once entered the internal market of the EU can generally circulate the market freely.

Mutual recognition of requirements

For some product groups, norms and technical descriptions that apply to the entire EU have been established.

If the EU has established descriptions for your products, then your products must comply with these requirements before you can freely trade them on the EU market.

In areas where no descriptions have been applied for the entire EU, different member states may apply different descriptions for the products. In this case, the free movement of goods is supported by the EU’s principle of mutual recognition. According to this principle, EU member states must allow a product released legally in another country to enter its market freely even when its requirements for such a product differ.

The only exceptions to this principle are limitations established in relation with morality, public order, or public security; the protection of the life and health of people, animals or plants; the protection of national treasures with artistic, historical, or archaeological value or the protection of industrial and commercial property. In other words, member states can establish national requirements on the basis of these reasons and such requirements are to be fulfilled by all market operators of this member state. Information about such requirements is available at the product contact points.

You can contact the Estonian Product Contact Point at, postal address Suur-Ameerika 1, 10122 Tallinn, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications or by calling (+372) 625 6405.

Information is also available at the contact points of other member states.

Product Contact Points

A product contact point helps entrepreneurs collect information about the national requirements established by member states. National requirements for products may differ across member states.

Among other things, product contact points share the following information upon the request from an entrepreneur or the competent authority of another member state:

  • nationally applied technical rules for certain types of products on the territory covered by a created contact point and information on whether the legislation of the member state requires prior authorisation, along with information about the principle of mutual recognition;
  • contact details of the competent authorities of a member state for direct contact thereof, including the details of authorities responsible for monitoring the application of technical rules on the member state territory;
  • legal remedies generally applicable on the member state territory in case of disputes between competent authorities and entrepreneurs.

Product contact points respond to queries within fifteen working days. Responses to queries are free of charge.

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