If communication problems arise with European Union institutions

If problems arise when communicating with different institutions of the European Union, the online network SOLVIT may be of assistance.

If you have encountered problems with the misapplication of the laws of another European Union member state, you should seek help from SOLVIT. SOLVIT centres are located in all European countries (including Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and their task is to provide a solution for the problem within 10 weeks.

When to turn to SOLVIT?

SOLVIT can be contacted in case of communication problems with the institutions of the European Union in relation to:

  • work and business, for example when ensuring work-related rights, the free passage to market of products and services, starting out as a sole proprietor or an enterprise, relating to the free flow of capital and payments and in workplace safety cases;
  • housing;
  • education and research, for example mutual recognition of diplomas and qualifications, access to education etc.;
  • the environment or nature;
  • applying for citizenship, a residence permit or a visa;
  • travelling, for example about travel insurance or in border control;
  • traffic, for example when applying for or seeking recognition for driving licences, registering a vehicle, in border control etc.;
  • family, for example when seeking recognition for a marital certificate, applying for a residence permit, applying for social security etc.;
  • money and possessions, for example in relation to the free movement of capital and payments, taxation etc.;
  • financial assistance and social care;
  • health care;
  • the cultural sector.

Principles of filing a complaint

  • The local SOLVIT centre can be contacted via phone, fax or email during work hours.
  • If you present your case to SOLVIT, the local centre will give you its first estimate as soon as possible and notifies you about whether or not the problem is to be solved by means of the SOLVIT system.
  • If the complaint has been entered into the SOLVIT online database, the submitter of the case will get a brief overview of it.
  • If the SOLVIT centre of the member state in which the problem occurred accepts the case and starts resolving it, an answer will be given within 10 weeks.
  • When a solution is found, you will receive detailed instructions about the further action that needs to be taken.
  • If, regardless of the efforts of SOLVIT, the problem remains unsolved, the local SOLVIT centre will try to help you to find a solution by some other means.

Information and legal advice about your rights can be received from the Citizens Signpost Service. For that, an appeal form has to be filled and in case of a complaint, a complaint form has to be submitted to SOLVIT.

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