The European Union and public procurements

As a European Union member state, Estonia’s public procurements market is open to undertakings from other EU member state; likewise, Estonian undertakings can bid for contracts at public procurements in other member states. Taking advantage of cross-border competition on the public procurements market gives contracting authorities more options with regard to quality and price of objects of procurements.

All public procurements that exceed a certain tender cost must be published in the Official Journal of the European Union throughout the European Union.

Within Estonia, the procedures for carrying out public procurements, the rights and obligations of subjects in public procurements, the procedures and responsibility for carrying out official review and resolving disputes are set forth in the Public Procurements Act.

Information on public procurements carried out in Estonia is collected and published by the National Public Procurements Register.

The SIMAP information system provides an overview of European public procurements. There you will find European Union contract notices listed according to country, region, economic sector and other parameters. It also contains much important additional information on legal acts etc.

If you encounter problems related to public procurements, contact the local contact persons and describe your problem. The local contact person will contact the contact person for the relevant country, who will in turn contact the procurement organizer in order to ascertain and resolve the problem.

EU Public Procurement Network

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