Determining the main field of activity

Determining a field of activity is based on the official classification “The Estonian Classification of Economic Activities” (EMTAK). When entering business, only one field of activity, i.e. an activity that is planned to produce the most income in the first financial year, is to be selected. Determining the main field of activity does not mean that the company is not permitted to be active in other fields of activity as well.

Estonian Classification of Economic Activities

EMTAK is a national version of the international harmonised NACE classification that enables comparing economic statistics of different units and interpreting the related databases. EMTAK has a hierarchical structure, being divided into five levels. A top-down method is used when determining a field of activity, meaning that determining a field of activity is started on the highest level, moving on to the lowest one. Fields of activity are classified similarly in all Member States of the European Union.

Search system for EMTAK fields of activities

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