Registering an Internet domain name

Registering an Internet domain is optional when establishing a company. If you want to create a homepage for the company, an appropriate domain should be registered in time.

Why register a .ee domain

The Estonian top-level domain (.ee) will make your company or personal homepage easier to find for Estonian clients. For example, when a user enters a search term into the Google search engine, search results that refer to a .ee domains will automatically be ranked higher. A .ee domain communicates to your customers that you are active on the Estonian market, and users are more likely to search Estonian domains for information in Estonian.

Who is eligible to register a .ee domain and on what conditions

  • Domains can be owned and registered by private persons, organizations or companies. Foreign companies and private persons can register a .ee domain if the administrative contact of the domain has an Estonian personal identification code.
  • Each registrant can register an unlimited number of domains.
  • Companies can register domain names for all of their trade marks.
  • Domains can be registered for 3, 6 or 9 months and 1-10 years at a time.

Choosing and checking the domain name

Before registering a domain name, make sure that the domain name you want is available. You cannot register two identical domains. Check domain availability on the homepage of the Estonian Internet Foundation at

Registration and renewal of a domain

To register a domain, an application must be submitted to a registrar. A registrar is usually a company that provides an Internet connection, hosting or virtual server services. A list of registrars is published on the homepage of the Estonian Internet Foundation. To renew a registration, a renewal fee specified in the registrar’s service contract has to be paid.

If you have Estonian ID-card or Mobile-ID you can get an overview of all domains related to you regardless of the registrar from the registrant’s portal of the Estonian Internet Foundation.

The cost of a domain

The registration of a domain is done for a fee. The final cost of a domain’s registration for a year is determined by the registrar. The Estonian Internet Foundation specifies a unified base fee for all registrars, which is 1,2 euros per 3 months, 3,2 euros per 6 months, 4,8 euros per 9 months and for registrations of 1–10 years, the fee is 6 euros per year. The final cost of a domain is determined on the market, so it may be lower than, equal to or higher than the base fee. The fees can be found on the registrar’s homepage.

Registering international domains

Aside from .ee domains, international domains can be registered, with .com, .eu and .net being the most commonly used domains. Registering an international domain can only be done through a domain registrar. The fee and the minimum and maximum period of time that is available for the registration depends on the domain in interest.

Domain Disputes Committee

If you find that someone has, without your consent, registered a domain name that coincides with your trademark or your name as an individuals or your company name or another name entered in a register, you can submit an application to the DDC.

Additional information about domain disputes

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