Selection and verification of a trade mark

In addition to the business name, each company can register trade marks in its name, helping to distinguish the company and the offered goods or services from those of competitors. Words, numbers, images or combinations of thereof can be protected as trade marks.

When you have developed your trade marks, you will have to register them with the Estonian Patent Office to obtain the exclusive right to use them.

Distinctiveness of a trade mark

The most important aspect in selecting a trade mark is its distinctiveness and difference from other trade marks in the same field. Before applying for a trade mark, check that there are no identical or similar trade marks registered or filed for registration in the same area of activity in Estonia or the European Union.

If the areas of activity overlap, the company that first protected the trade mark or applied for protection will have the right to the trade mark. If there are overlapping areas of activity, the trade mark may not be identical or similar to the business name of another company.

As the purpose of a trade mark is to distinguish a company and the goods/services it offers from those of competitors, the trade mark should be memorable, catchy and comprehensible for customers.

Verification of a trademark

You can check the Estonian Patent Office’s electronic database to see whether the desired trade marks are still available. As all trade marks protected in the European Union are also protected in Estonia, it is reasonable to make a query in both local and the European database.

Check if the desired trade marks are available.

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