Start a business in Estonia

Holders of e-Residency card and a growing number of EU member states’ ID cards can establish a company in Estonia fully online. If an ID or e-Residency card is not available, a visit to a notary in Estonia is needed to verify the foundation documents.

How to apply for e-Residency

After receiving your digital ID card, you can immediately start the process of establishing your company online.

Read more, what types of corporate entities are there in Estonia

The private limited company, („osaühing“ or „OÜ“ in Estonian) is the most common form of business in Estonia. A private limited company can be registered electronically in the Company Registration portal.

How to establish a company

  • Choose the company’s business name

Visit the e-Business Register’ s name query section to check your chosen business name is available and then register it.

  • Choose the main field of activity

Determining a field of activity is based on the official classification “The Estonian Classification of Economic Activities” (EMTAK).

  • Obtain a legal address

Your company needs to have an Estonian address. Business service providers can help you obtain a legal address, navigate the business registry, offer assistance with obtaining a bank account, and provide other services.

  • Register your company

Electronic registration in the Company Registration portal is the most convenient and quickest way of establishing a company. In order to log in to the Company Registration Portal and perform the registration procedure, you need an e-Residency ID-card and the digital signature software. Also, registration applications can be submitted via the Company Registration Portal by persons having an Latvian, Belgian or Finnish ID card or Lithuanian Mobile ID.

Submitted application will be reviewed within one working day and notification about registration will be sent via email.

NB! The Company Registration Portal can be used to register private limited companies (OÜ), general partnerships, limited partnerships and non-profit associations, and enter business as a sole proprietor. Commercial associations or public limited companies cannot be established electronically.

What must be done after founding a company

First you will have to open a bank account.

Depending on the company’s area of activity and size, a varying number of additional steps must be taken.

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