Financing export and cross-border activity

To support activities on international markets, Enterprise Estonia provides a number of services for your company. The KredEx foundation offers export guarantees, reducing your credit risks when your company is engaged in export.

Grants from Enterprise Estonia

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) helps entrepreneurs with a number of export-supporting services and training programs, such as search of export partners and contacts, common exhibition stands etc.

EAS has set up the export grant for creative industries in order to provide support to enterprises who are just getting started in export or want to invigorate their exporting activities.

Export loan from KredEx

KredEx offers exports loans to companies wishing to finance large-scale export transactions of goods manufactured in Estonia.

KredEx Credit Insurance

KredEx Credit Insurance Ltd. offers insurance cover to Estonian enterprises for their total buyer portfolio, regardless of destination country. In addition to credit risks of buyers of export markets, it is also possible to insure internal credit risks with the help of the credit insurance company.

Last amended: 28-01-2016 13:22