Occupational disease

You as an employer have a number of obligations when an employee of your enterprise is diagnosed with an occupational disease. Such obligations concern notification and investigation. In the course of an investigation, you will also obtain information on what could be improved in order to prevent the reoccurrence of such occupational diseases in the future.

What is an occupational disease

An occupational disease is a disease caused by occupational risk factors or type of work referred to in the list of occupational diseases.A disease caused by work is a disease caused by an occupational risk factor and is not considered an occupational disease.

How is it diagnosed?

An occupational disease shall be diagnosed by an occupational health doctor who identifies the state of an employee’s health and collects data of the employee’s present and past working conditions and the type of work.

An occupational health doctor shall inform you as an employer, the local authority of the Labour Inspectorate and the doctor who referred the employee to the occupational health doctor of an occupational disease in writing within 5 days from the diagnosis of the disease.

Investigation of an occupational disease and submission of the results

As an employer, you shall be obliged to investigate all occupational diseases by involving a working environment representative or, in his/her absence, a representative of the employees. The investigation shall be carried out within 20 working days from the receipt of the diagnosis of an occupation disease and shall end with the preparation of a report.

The report shall be prepared in three copies, one of which shall be kept by you; submit the other two to the local authority of the Labour Inspectorate and the injured party or the person protecting his/her rights within 3 working days from the completion of the investigation of an occupational accident.

All incidents of occupational diseases and illnesses caused by work shall be registered and communicated to the working environment specialist, the working environment representative, representative of the employees and the working environment council.

Storage of investigation results

A notification of an occupational disease sent by a doctor, the documents collected in the course of the investigation and the report shall be executed as an investigation file of the occupational disease, which shall be kept for 55 years.

Action for the prevention of occupational diseases

Based on the investigation results, you shall be required to implement measures for preventing the reoccurrence of a similar occupational disease.

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