Occupational health and safety

The Labour Inspectorate is responsible for enforcing the legal acts governing occupational health and safety.

Notifying the Labour Inspectorate

As an employer, you are required to notify the Labour inspectorate when you start business activity as an undertaking.

Risk analysis

A risk analysis helps you ascertain risk factors and prevent occupational accidents.

In brief, the stages of a risk analysis are the following:

  • safety manuals for the work performed, or equipment, machinery, tools, vehicles and other resources used;
  • gathering information on the working environment, work process and employees;
  • ascertaining risk factors on the basis of the information;
  • risk assessment – likelihood and degree of severity of consequences;
  • action plan for eliminating or lessening risks.

The risk analysis findings must be formalized in writing and a record of them must be retained for 55 years. More information available on the Labour Inspectorate website.

Working environment specialist

Every company must have a person who serves in the capacity of working environment specialist. This person must be familiar with the legal acts governing occupational health and safety and the company’s work conditions, monitor and review them, and adopt measures for lessening the impact of hazards in the working environment.

If you have selected a working environment specialist for your company, you must notify the local office of the Labour Inspectorate within ten days. The written notice must list the given name and surname, position and contact information for this person.

Working environment representative

The working environment representative is selected by the employees of your company and his or her main role is to represent the employees in issues related to occupational health and safety.

Working environment council

A working environment council must be formed if 50 or more people work for your company. This is an internal association where occupational health and safety related issues are resolved. Employer and employee representatives are members of the council in equal part. A local agency of the Labour Inspectorate must be notified of the formation of the supervisory board within ten business days.

The following data must be submitted:

  • given name and surname, position and contact information of the chairman of the council;
  • given name and surname, position of the members of the council;
  • term of the powers of the members of the council.

You must remember to provide a written overview of the last 12 months of activity of the working environment council by 1 December of every year.

The training and in-service training for the working environment council members shall be organized by the employer at its own expense and time. They shall continue to earn the average salary while they undergo training or in-service training.

Internal audit

You are required to conduct systematic internal review in your company – meaning that you must plan, organize and monitor the state of occupational health and safety in the company based on the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Training and mentorship for new employees

The function of the working environment specialist is to familiarize the new employee with the guidelines approved by the management of the company, which includes:

  • guidelines on the use of personal protection devices guidelines on the ergonomically correct postures and techniques;
  • organization of work intended for employees;
  • fire and electricity safety requirements;
  • location of emergency telephone, first aid supplies and fire extinguishers;
  • hazard signs used in the workplace and location evacuation exits and routes.

You will be required to register the employee for orientation, primary and in-service mentoring, training and permission for the employee to begin work independently.

The form of registration is not important. If you wish to introduce your employees to guidelines in digital form, you will have to create a separate database for them where it would be possible to authenticate the person by digital signature.

Health checks

In general, all employees will have to undergo health checks at the expense of the employer and during working hours.

First aid

Your company must have a trained first aid provider and first aid supplies must be in an easily accessible location.

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