Posting of workers to Estonia

According to the Working Conditions of Workers Posted to Estonia Act, a posted worker is a natural person who usually works in a foreign state on the basis of an employmentcontract and whom the employer has posted to work in Estonia for a specified period of time for the provision of a service.

The working conditions established in Estonia that are applicable to a posted employee are the following:

  • working time;
  • rest time;
  • time off for a prenatal examination;
  • wages and compensation for overtime work;
  • duration of annual holiday;
  • equal treatment and equal opportunities.

If the provisions of the laws of a foreign state that apply to an employment contract are more favourable to a posted worker than the Estonian provisions, the provision that is more favourable to the worker shall be applied.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act of Estonia and any regulations passed thereunder applies to foreign workers posted to work in Estonia. The compliance with the occupational health and safety requirements shall be ensured by the receiving party for whom the posted worker works in Estonia. The receiving party is a legal or natural person contracting the work or services and organising the posted worker’s work in Estonia.

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Registration of the posted workers

The employer is obligated to register its workers posted to Estonia in the Labour Inspectorate of Estonia electronically by sending the e-mail to the address:

The data needs to be presented to the Labour Inspectorate electronically by e-mail before the day the posted employee starts working in Estonia.

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Receiving foreign workers

Citizens of the European Union, nationals of a Member State of the European Economic Area and nationals of the Swiss Confederation may live and work in Estonia without registering a temporary right of residence for up to three months.

Posted workers who are third-country nationals or people with unidentified citizenship, must apply for a temporary residence permit in order to commence work in Estonia. The temporary residence permit issued to a posted worker specifies, besides the workplace and position, also the employer who can be either a private individual or legal person. Obligations arising from the Aliens Act will also apply to any such person. For more information please visit the Police and Border Guard Board website.

Working conditions of workers posted to Estonia are supervised by the Labour Inspectorate.

Information about health insurance on the website of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Information about tax issues on the website of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board

Recommendations to workers is available on the EURES website.

  • More detailed information about the regulations concerning terms and conditions of employment of posted workers can be found from the contact agency of posted workers of the country of destination:

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