Recruiting employees

You can use various channels to search for employees and post job openings, of which the ones offered by the state (Unemployment Insurance Fund) are free of charge and the ones offered by service providers charge a fee. The most common channels for finding employees are Internet portals, the Unemployment Insurance Fund, newspapers and magazines, and personnel search and temporary employment agencies.

Recruitment through the Unemployment Insurance Fund

It is possible to search for employees through the Unemployment Insurance Fund as a state service. It is possible to send the Unemployment Insurance Fund a job posting and use the Unemployment Insurance Fund to search the registered unemployed for a suitable candidate. The Unemployment Insurance Fund shall notify job seekers of your offer via consultants, service offices, information booths and the website.

Notify the Unemployment Insurance Fund of job openings

Recruitment via employment

Employment portals are the most common and convenient way to find new employees. In employment portals, you may publish your job postings and, if desired, view and select job-seekers from CV databases.

Personnel search and temporary employment agencies

If you do not wish to carry out the recruitment process yourself, you may use the services of personnel search firms, which will look for suitable candidates for you and even interview them if desired.

You can use the services of a temporary employment agency if you need additional workforce for a definite period but do not wish to hire employees under employment contract. In this case, the employment agency hires the employees and you hire the labour from the agency.

Grant for recruitment of disabled persons

The Unemployment Insurance Fund can help you adapt offices and/or equipment for the needs of the disabled, covering 70% of the costs incurred for this purpose.

If a disabled person hired by you needs the services of a support person on the job, the Unemployment Insurance Fund will compensate expenses incurred on the support person.

The government will also pay part of the social tax for employees who are hired by you and who receive a pension for incapacity for work (except for recipients of national pensions). In order for the state to pay social tax for a person receiving pension for incapacity for work, you will be required to file a corresponding application with the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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Wage benefit

If you recruit people to work for your company who have been registered as unemployed with the Unemployment Insurance Fund for at least six consecutive months, the Unemployment Insurance Fund will pay your company a wage benefit. You can hire an unemployed person between the ages of 16-24 with a wage benefit after the person has been registered as unemployed for at least three months.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund will pay you a wage benefit for up to 6 months when you hire an unemployed person under an employment contract either for a specified term or without a term. The wage benefit amounts to 50% of the employee or civil servant’s salary, but not more than the effective minimum wage. The wage is paid to the company’s bank account once a month on the basis of the pay slip.


To find the workforce you need, you may also utilize internships supported by the state. To do so, you will need to find a suitable intern from among people registered as unemployed with the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The internship lasts up to 4 months, during which time the unemployed person taking part in the internship will receive a stipend from the Unemployment Insurance Fund and mentorship fee from your company.

The mentorship fee will be paid to your company by the Unemployment Insurance Fund on the basis of the minimum hourly wage specified in legislation. In the first month, you will be paid a mentorship fee of 100% for each hour the intern spends on the job, 75% in the second month and 50% in the fourth month.

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