Changing names

Who can change their name

Citizens of Estonia and people without citizenship who are staying in the country on a residence permit can apply for a new given name, surname, or both.

Where can names be changed

New name can be applied for in one of the four local government of the county center: Jõhvi Municipality Government, Pärnu City Government, Tallinn Vital Statistics Department and Tartu City Government.

Documents to be submitted

You need submit:

  • the application for a new given name, surname, or personal name (pdf, 57.5 kB, in Estonian) with a handwritten or digital signature
  • an identity document (except for when the application has a digital signature)
  • birth certificate
  • document confirming marital status
  • if the applicant wishes to have a family surname, then the document confirming marital status or other documents confirming this name.

Submitting these documents is not required if the necessary data can be found in the Population Register.

More information about applying for a new name, as well as the requirements and restrictions for given names and surnames can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Minister of the Interiors Regulation establishes the list of surnames the use of which is too widespread, which shall not be assigned as the new surname without a reasoned request of a person.

State fee

Generally, a state fee of 100 euros must be paid before submitting the application.

The state fee shall be paid to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance: EE891010220034796011 SEB Pank, EE932200221023778606 Swedbank, EE403300333416110002 Danske Bank, EE701700017001577198 Luminor Bank. The reference numbers: Jõhvi 10294002000024, Pärnu 10294002000105, Tallinn 10294002000011, Tartu 10294002000134. You can also ask for reference numbers from the authority you wish to make the payment to, i.e. where you are submitting the application for changing your name. The reference number is mandatory!

The state fee is not necessary if the person wishes to:

  • bear the given name or surname firmly established in actual usage which is different from the personal name entered in a document or the Population Register due to writing the name as one or several words or due to a mark which is not a letter (apostrophe, hyphen), or due to single characters, and which complies with the requirements set out in the Names Act
  • use, in the case of a given name or surname consisting of two names in brackets, one of these names without brackets
  • bear the given or surname in the form which is entered in the Population Register but which differs from the name entered in the document serving as the basis for assignment of the name to the person due to the application of transcription rules
  • give their minor child the surname which the person took after marrying the other parent of the child after registration of the birth of the child and which is the joint surname of the parents.

The decision to change a name

Depending on the cause of the application, the decision to change a name will be made by the deputy secretary general who is the head of the respective field in the Ministry of the Interior or the official of one of the four local government of the county center mentioned above (including the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department). The name change will be entered into the Population Register by the official of one of the four local government of the county center mentioned above or the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department, who will also issue the document of the name change (the decision or the extract of the decision) to the person. The document of the name change will be issued by the same authority to which the person submitted their application to change their name.

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