Pregnancy and maternity leave

A woman has the right to receive 140 calendar days of pregnancy and maternity leave. The Health Insurance Fund pays maternity benefit (on the basis of a maternity leave certificate) to women who were working prior to going on pregnancy and maternity leave.

The pregnancy and maternity leave may be taken 30-70 days before the date of birth (30th to 36th week of pregnancy) and the certificate for maternity leave is issued by the obstretician-gynecologist or family doctor at whom the woman is registered. If a woman goes on pregnancy and maternity leave 30 days or more before the expected due date, she is paid the benefit for all 140 calendar days. If she goes on pregnancy and maternity leave later, those days are deducted from the 140 calendar days.

Exception for early leave

An exception applies for pregnant women whose work or service obligations are eased, then she must go on pregnancy and maternity leave with at least 70 days remaining until the due date if she intends to receive all 140 days of pregnancy and maternity leave and the associated benefits. There is an option of going on leave later, but then the number of pregnancy and maternity leave days will be less.

An exception has been established for pregnant women who are members of a management or supervisory body, receive wages or income from provision of services on the basis of a contract under the law of obligations or who are sole proprietors (FIEs) and have the right under the Health Insurance Act to receive benefits. They are paid maternity benefit without the pregnancy and maternity leave.

Maternity benefit

The maternity benefit is paid starting from the first day of exemption from work or service obligations specified on the certificate for incapacity for work and at a rate of 100% of the average income per calendar day. The HIF calculates the benefit for temporary incapacity for work based on the average income per calendar day earned by insured persons on the basis of the data on payment of social tax available from the Tax and Customs Board.

In the case of delivery before the 28th week of pregnancy, a maternity leave certificate will be issued at the 28th week, provided that the child is alive. The certificate for sick leave is discontinued on the day before the date of issue of a maternity leave certificate.

Maternity leave for a new pregnancy during parental leave

A woman who is on parental leave and desires to go on a new pregnancy and maternity leave and receive maternity benefit for the new pregnancy and maternity leave must discontinue her parental leave. To do so, the employee must file an application to discontinue the parental leave.

If she specifies, as the date for ending parental leave, the day prior to the pregnancy and maternity leave, she does not have to go to work in the interim. The application must be submitted to the employer with time to spare before the maternity leave begins (at least 15–30 days before) so that the employer can complete the cancellation in the employment registry in a timely manner.

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