Childcare service

The provision of social services, social benefits, emergency social assistance and other assistance is organised by the local government of the person’s place of residence as entered in the population register.

Each of the local governments establishes a procedure for the provision of assistance. Pursuant to the Social Welfare Act, the local government is obligated to provide eleven social services. In addition, they can provide other social services. You can read more about the different social services from homepage of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Childcare service

Childcare service is a support system for a person that has the custody of children aged 1.5 to 3 or of an up to 18-year-old person with a severe or profound disability to support their coping and opportunity to work.

The home child care provider must have an activity license, if the provider’s service is paid for by the state or local government.

In general, the parent shall pay for the home child care service. Some local governments support parents in paying for home child care service. For instance, home child care allowance is paid or an agreement is signed with the parent that provides for payment for the service. The options for funding child care service vary from place to place. Contact the municipality or city government of your place of residence to apply for the service.

Check the possibilities and qualification of the care provider

Many providers of home child care service provide parents with care conditions that nursery schools do not provide. For instance, babysitting for babies, child care at a time other than ordinary working hours or personal babysitting.

Compared to nursery schools, parents have a greater obligation to agree with the service providers on the conditions of the home child care. To assess the suitability of a child care provider, the parent has the right to investigate the prospective babysitter’s background and work experience. The (contact) details for babysitters with an activity license are available from the Register of Economic Activities.

Child care for disabled children

A state-funded babysitting service can be applied for by the parents of a child with a severe or profound disability (up to 18 years of age). To apply for the service, contact a municipality or city government and submit an application along with required documents.

A local government will assess the need for childcare service separately for each child. A local government will advise the recipient of the service in choosing the provider of childcare service. Proceedings and essential conditions for providing the services arising from the need for childcare service will be specified in cooperation with the local government and the recipient of the service. Upon provision of the service, the service provider will guarantee the care, development, and safety of the child.

You can read more about the services for disabled children from the State Portal’s article „Support services for disabled children“.

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