Family and children's allowances

State family allowances are paid:

  • to permanent residents of Estonia
  • to aliens who hold a temporary residence permit.

State family benefits include:

  • childbirth allowance
  • adoption benefit
  • child allowance
  • childcare benefit
  • single parent’s child allowance
  • conscript’s child allowance (or child allowance to person in alternative service)
  • foster care allowance
  • parent’s allowance for families with three or more children
  • start in independent life allowance.

The state pays family benefits to all children until they turn 16 years of age. Children studying in a basic school, upper secondary school or in a vocational educational institution which operates on the basis of basic education have the right to receive family benefits until they turn 19 years of age. Read the introduction of allowances.

The application for family benefits may be submitted electronically through the State portal.

Application (in Estonian) may also be submitted:

  • by e-mail, if digitally signed, to
  • by regular mail to the Social Insurance Board: Endla 8, 15092 Tallinn
  • at the customer service office.

In addition, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund pays a maternity benefit to women who have an employment contract or contract for services or who are a FIE (self-employed sole proprietor) at the time that they go on pregnancy and maternity leave. The amounts of family benefits can you find on homepage of Ministry of Social Affairs.

Family allowance, parental benefit, maintenance allowance are payd 8th of each month. If the date of the bank transfer falls on a national holiday or on a day off, the deadline for payment shall be the day preceding the day off.

Needs-based family benefit is granted and paid by local governments. More about needs-based family benefit can you read on homepage of Ministry of Social Affairs. Other family and children’s allowances are granted and paid by Social Insurance Board.

If you have any questions about family and children’s allowances, call the information line of the National Social Insurance Board at 16106 or (+372) 612 1360 or write an e-mail to

If you have any questions about maternity benefit, call the client line of the Health Insurance Fund at (+372) 669 6630 or write an e-mail to

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