Opportunities for parental leave

Basic holiday is granted for time worked. Besides time worked, it also includes temporary incapacity for work, holiday time, not including parental leave and time that the employee was on unpaid leave by mutual agreement. On the first year of employment, the employee is entitled for a vacation after working at least six months for the employer. The length of the annual vacation is the same for partial and full-time employees.

The vacation must be used during a calendar year. On the parties’ mutual agreement, the annual vacation may be divided into parts. In this case, at least one part of the vacation must last for at least 14 consecutive calendar days. The employer is obliged to refuse a vacation shorter than 7 days. The unused vacation days must be transferred to the following calendar year. Annual vacation claim expires in one year starting from the end of the calendar year for which the vacation is calculated for.

The following persons are entitled to get a vacation at the requested time:

  • a woman directly before or after the maternity leave, or
  • after the parental leave;
  • a man during their partner’s maternity leave, or after the parental leave;
  • a parent raising a child younger than 7;
  • a parent on the child’s school holiday, if the child is 7 to 10 years old;
  • a minor, compulsory to attend school, on the school holiday.

A woman has the right to receive, before or after pregnancy and maternity leave, full holiday in her first year of employment, regardless of time worked.

Child leave

The length of the leave depends on the number and age of the children. Either the child’s mother or father are entitled to take leave; or in the case of a child not being raised by the parents, the guardian has the right to the leave. The mother or father has the right every calendar year to the following amounts of child care leave:

  • three working days if he or she has one or two children under the age of 14
  • six working days if he or she has at least three children under the age of 14 or at least one child under the age of three.

The parental leave is compensated for with the minimum salary (500 euros per month in 2018). The daily rate of the parental leave in 2018 is 23.62 euros.

If your child has been diagnosed with a disability, you can use the child leave for parents of a disabled child, which is one workday per month until the child turns 18, totalling to 12 workdays per calendar year. The employer shall calculate the child leave pay based on your average income during the past six months.

During the calendar year when the child turns 3 or 14, you can use the child leave in the provided extent until the end of the calendar year.

Unpaid child leave

A mother and a father raising a child up to 14 years of age, or a parent of a child with special needs up to the age of 18, is entitled for up to 10 unpaid workdays of parental leave each year. The unpaid child leave can be used during the calendar year either at once or in parts and only during the employee’s workdays.

Academic leave

The employee is entitled to up to 30 calendar days of academic leave per year for attending trainings. To do this, a notice from an educational and training provider must be submitted to the employer. For degree and job-related trainings, the employer must pay the medium daily remuneration to the employee for 20 calendar days.

To finish degree studies, the employee is given an additional 15 calendar days of academic leave, compensated with the minimum salary.

The employee is entitled to take unpaid vacation for entrance exams, but this is possible only once, on the year of admission.

More information about interupting or postponing the Vacation and about vacation pay etc can be found on the website of the portal Tööelu.

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