Health insurance

Permanent residents of Estonia and persons living in Estonia on the basis of a temporary residence permit or right of permanent residence for whom social tax is paid or who pay social tax on their behalf have the right to health insurance. If a person is working in several Member States, they will be provided with health insurance by the country where the social tax is paid for them.

Persons under the age of 19 are guaranteed health insurance whether their parents are working or not. To see a doctor, they need to bring along an identity document with a photo. Persons under the age of 15 may present the European Health Insurance Card instead of an identity card to verify insurance.

European Health Insurance Card can you order here.

Insured persons are divided into:

  • insured persons (persons insured by employers, self-employed persons who pay social tax, persons insured by the state);
  • persons considered equal to insured persons on the basis of the Health Insurance Act or a relevant contract (such are children, pregnant women, pensioners, students, etc.);
  • persons insured under international agreements.

Read more about obtaining health insurance from the website of the Health Insurance Fund.

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