My prescriptions

My prescriptions

Your prescriptions can you see here

E-service of Estonian Health Insurance Fund “My prescriptions” enables a person to see prescribed medicines and prescriptions’ validity. Also you can see information about your additional drug reimbursement. Medical device prescriptions are available as well (prescription number starts with number nine). Detailed information is shown after clicking on the prescription number. To see your prescriptions and supplementary benefit for medicinal products, you have to log into the portal.

By default, you will see the prescriptions written within the last six months; you can change the period. To view additional information about the prescription, click on the blue prescription number. Then, you will see whether the doctor has written a prescription based on active substances or why they have written a prescription for a specific medicine brand.

You can see the prescriptions of your underage children in the patient portal In the same portal, you can see your referrals, test results, and medical history.

In the case of prescriptions based on active substances, the pharmacist is obligated to offer the less expensive drug with the same active substances. If you have chosen the more expensive drug, you will see the pharmacist’s explanation about the preference and the amount that you would have saved, had you bought the less expensive drug, from the detailed information of the redeemed drug.

It is not necessary to file a separate application for an additional drug reimbursement starting from 2018. The drug reimbursement is additionally now considered as a nonfinancial compensation, which will be taken into account already at the pharmacy along with the ordinary (50, 75 or 90% reimbursement) reimbursement at the moment of purchase.

You have the right for an additional drug reimbursement if the total discounted cost within a calendar year is at least 100€ (previously the limiting amount was 300€). 50% will be compensated, If your expenses are between 100 and 300€, and 90% will be compensated if the total cost is more than 300€.

In rare cases, when the specified discount on drugs can’t immediately be applied, you will be reimbursed during your next purchase. The given discount will be carried over to the next calendar year, if the next purchase is not made during the same calendar year.

More information about additional benefit for pharmaceuticals can you find at the webpage of the Health Insurance Fund.

If you have any questions, call the client line of the Health Insurance Fund at (+372) 669 6630 or write an e-mail to

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