Gas safety

In Estonia, home consumers can use either natural gas or liquefied gas. The gas equipment is practically the same for both types.

Use of gas is generally safe, as modern gas appliances come with automatic safety features. There are strict requirements on installation of gas equipment. To guarantee safety:

  • have your gas appliances inspected and serviced regularly.
  • have your gas appliances inspected, serviced and repaired only by a company that holds a license for working with gas equipment.
  • use the gas appliances pursuant to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • do not obstruct the inflow of fresh air or exhaust as combustion requires oxygen and combustion produces smoke gases.

When connecting an appliance to a gas canister, be aware of where the appliance is to be used. In general, the liquid gas canister may not be installed in the immediate vicinity of the building exit, shaft or stairwell, or a room where the floor is below the ground level. If you smell gas, turn off all gas valves and switch off gas appliances, open the windows and ventilate the room. Call 112 to report the incident.

Compiled by: Rescue Board