Protecting your home and neighbourhood watch

The possible security measures for preventing break-ins and thefts include security systems, entering into an agreement with a security company and neighbourhood watchprogrammes.

Security systems

A security door makes your home more secure and is a criterion that is taken into account by insurance providers. When selecting a security door, prefer established, well-known companies that use quality locks on the door. It is possible to install several different types of security sensors and equipment for your house and apartment: smoke and broken glass sensors, magnetic contact sensors and panic buttons. It is also possible to place a building under security one storey at a time. The best solution for protecting an apartment, building or summer cottage is to use the services provided by a security company.

Neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood watch means cooperative protection and assistance system for households in a neighbourhood that helps neighbours look out for themselves and others as well as their own and others’ property and reduce fear of crime. Neighbourhood watch is based on close ties and exchange of information between neighbours, local police and other local authorities. The police helps organize neighbourhood watch and acts as a trainer and partner. The inhabitants of one neighbourhood may take part in neighbourhood patrol in other nearby areas that have a neighbourhood watch system. This allows the inhabitants to obtain assistance from neighbouring districts if need be.

The advantages of neighbourhood watch are the following:

  • inhabitants have an increased sense of security in their homes and in the vicinity.
  • they have an attentive attitude toward their surroundings.
  • stronger feeling of unity and responsibility as homeowners.
  • better-kept and more pleasant surroundings.

Compiled by: Police and Border Guard Board