Ambient air

Our life and health depend on ambient air. Ambient air is an air layer close to the ground.

Factors affecting the quality of ambient air

  • various chemical compounds, some of which are damaging to health while others are neutral in respect to people but not the environment (for example, carbon dioxide CO2);
  • noise
  • dust
  • vibration
  • non-ionizing radiation (ultraviolet radiation)
  • electromagnetic fields.

Most essential factors deteriorating air quality

  • energy and technology equipment, including household ovens.
  • transport, especially car transport as one of the main reasons of urban air pollution.

Substances reducing ozone layer are the human-made compounds containing chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br) or fluorine (F). These substances damage the ozone layer that protects us and thus their use is strictly regulated. In order to decrease the impact of car exhaust gases, good quality fuels and more economic cars should be used which are equipped with catalysts for reducing the pollutants contained in exhaust gases.

Compiled by: keskkonnaministeerium