Management of environmental protection and environmental information

By managing environmental protection, we can maintain and protect our living environment. Our environment is endangered by air and water pollution, waste water, waste, scarceness of pure drinking water, etc.

This falls within the competence of the Ministry of the Environment and the institutions within the Ministry’s scope:

  • Environment Agency
  • Estonian Environmental Research Centre
  • Environmental Inspectorate
  • Environmental Board

Environmental Inspectorate has a 24-hour hotline 1313, where to call whenever you notice:

  • environmental pollution or threat of pollution
  • illegal logging, fishing or other misuse of nature
  • dead or wounded wild animals
  • illegal waste storage
  • large numbers of dead birds, animals or fish
  • cruel treatment of animals
  • other illegal environmental activities

Environmental information is meant for general public and must be available to everyone. Official environmental data is located in the environmental register containing the data of natural resources, natural heritage, environmental condition and environmental factors. More detailed information about environmental condition of Estonia is available in the webpage of Environment Agency. The purpose of environmental monitoring is to give information to everyone about the changes in environmental condition and the factors affecting it.

Residents of Tallinn can check from the Database of Cutting Permits in Tallinn whether it is legal to cut down the trees.

Compiled by: Ministry of the Environment