To initiate construction, a plan, construction project and building permit are necessary.


Organizing planning activity on the territory of the municipality or city is in the competence of the local government, which ensures the existence of the necessary plans on which the use of land and construction are based, and adherence to the plans. The local government shall notify the public regarding prospective comprehensive plans and detailed plans in a newspaper at least once a year. Initiation of construction planning must be communicated in written form to the owners of neighbouring plots, as well as to owners of the land for which the detailed plan is being prepared, within two weeks of initiation of the plan.

The inhabitants may already during the planning period state proposals or objections to the plan, to which the local government or county governor shall respond within four weeks. If objections to the plan are raised, a public discussion shall be held within six weeks of the end of the public comment period.


A building permit is required for construction. The construction must take place pursuant to the construction project. With the building permit, the local government provides its consent:

  • for erecting a building on the land unit set forth in the construction permit as well as infrastructure for servicing the building.
  • for an addition to the building listed on the building permit or to a part thereof.
  • renovating the building listed on the building permit or to a part thereof.
  • demolishing the building listed on the building permit or a part thereof.

The Consumer Protection Board recommends that you verify what kind of construction company you are dealing with before you sign a residential construction contract. You should make sure to check that the company is registered and carefully read through the terms of the contract. With regard to the registration of the construction companies, visit the Register of Economic Activities on the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

By granting an authorization for use of building, the local government certifies that the building or part thereof conforms to the requirements of the building and can be used. To apply for the authorization for use, you will need to submit the following to the local government:

  • completed application for authorization for use;
  • document certifying right of ownership;
  • construction project accompanied by documentation (including building permit, construction logs, reports on covered works, certificates for materials used, energy label);
  • as-built drawings or survey project;
  • proof of payment of state fee.

Obligation of the building owner

The owner must specify the purpose of the building as shown on the authorization of use. One building may have more than one purpose. The owner must also ensure the existence of a building permit and must receive written consent from the local government before beginning construction. The lessor must submit to the local government a notice regarding commencement of construction, providing details on the building, date of commencement of construction, person responsible for exercising owner supervision and the builder.

Before commencing construction, the owner of the building must specify the person responsible for exercising owner supervision. It may not be the same person as the builder. Owner supervision may also be exercised by the building owner, if the site is a small building, detached home, summer cottage, garden house or farm building. Owner supervision must be exercised from the beginning of construction until an authorization for use is received. The object of owner supervision is to ensure that construction proceeds according to the project, that technical documents are prepared as required and that the contraction work is of the required quality.

The owner of the building must ensure the maintenance and safety of the building. The owner of the building must retain the necessary documentation: survey project, construction project, construction log and other documents on construction. An owner who lives in a building that is under heritage conservation must apply for the required permit from the Heritage Conservation Board before starting repair or renovation work.

Compiled by: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication