Forest management is the reforestation, silviculture and use of forest, and forest protection.

Ministry of the Environment coordinates the fulfilment of state duties in forestry.

Duties of the Environmental Board include the implementation of the policies related to national environmental use, nature protection and radiation safety and participate in the drafting and supplementing process of all types of environmental legislation and other official documents.

Environmental Inspectorate coordinates and exercises supervision over the use of natural environment and resources, applying coercive measures on the occasions provided by national law. Environmental Inspectorate is a is the extra-judicial body which conducts proceedings in matters of misdemeanours related to environment and conducts preliminary investigative activities in criminal matters.

Environment Agency has the following areas of activity: collection, processing, analysing, disclosure of reliable and comparable environmental data and reporting on environmental condition of Estonia and the factors affecting it, as well as keeping the relevant databases.

State Forest Management Centre (RMK) is a profit-making state agency founded on the basis of the Forest Act and its main duty lies in a sustainable and efficient management of state forest. RMK’s forestry duties include growing new forest, organising forestry works, carrying out practical nature protection works and sale of timber. In addition, RMK creates exercising and recreational opportunities in nature and in recreational and protection zones and provides education about the natural environment. Sagadi Forest Centre, Elistvere Animal Park, Tartu Arboretum and the Põlula Fish Farm form also a part of the RMK.

Private Forest Centre (PFC) is a foundation established by the state and its duties include increasing the competence of forest owners and contribution to environmentally friendly and efficient forest management practice of Estonian private forest owners. Private forest owners can apply for a support for the improvement of economic value of their forest through e-PRIA portal. Through this portal, it is possible to submit an application both for forestry works (improvement cutting, debranching, reforestation, prevention of damages) and acquisition of technical equipment for forestry. All the necessary additional documents can be added to the application as an attachment in the portal. Applications can be submitted also by regular mail, with a digital signature or delivered personally to the office of the PFC in Tallinn. It is also possible to apply for Natura forest support through the PFC.

Eesti Erametsaliit (Estonian Private Forest Association) is an organisation uniting the private forest owners and representing their interests in forest policy. This organisation helps also the forest owners to conduct forest sale through local associations.

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Compiled by: Ministry of the Environment