Land Cadastre

The Land Cadastre is a general national register the objective which is to collect and maintain information reflecting the value, natural status and use of land and make it available to the public.

The chief processor of the Cadastre is the Ministry of the Environment and the authorised processor of the Cadastre, i.e. cadastral registrar, is the Land Board. The function of the cadastral registrar is to register the data of cadastral units, restrictions and administrative borders, to maintain, process and publish these data, to grant use of data and arrange data exchange, and to ensure the preservation of documents that serve as basis for register entries.

Cadastral data, including cadastral units, objects causing restrictions and the affected areas, and administrative boundaries can be viewed in the Land Board’s geoportal. The documents that serve as basis for register entries are permanently preserved in the Cadastral Archive; in order to facilitate the use and availability of archived material, the digitalization of paper documents has been initiated. Additional information on how to view cadastral data and how to obtain official extracts thereof is available in the Land Board’s geoportal.

Cadastral surveying can be performed by persons (surveyors) to whom a respective license has been granted. Information on how to apply for a license and the list of licensed surveyors is available on the Land Board’s homepage.

Compiled by: Republic of Estonia Land Board