Joining the gas network

Gas sales in Estonia are primarily handled by AS Eesti Gaas, but there are also smaller regional gas companies (Adven Eesti AS, Alfatom, etc). To join the gas network, the customer and gas seller must agree on the terms of the connection and enter into a new connection agreement and a contract of purchase and sale of natural gas.

The terms of the agreement can be read and an agreement signed in all customer service offices of companies that sell gas. Those wishing to join the network shall submit an application on the required form by e-mail, fax, post or in person. The following documents are required for signing the agreement on the purchase and sale of natural gas:

  • identity document or valid register card (legal persons);
  • document certifying ownership or right of administration of the building/apartment (certificate from the Building Register, administration or rental agreement);
  • notarized power of attorney, if the administrator or owner of the building authorizes its representative to enter into the agreement.

The seller generally designs and builds the gas pipeline based on the agreement on purchase and sale of natural gas up to the connection point, which is a valve device at the property line. The customer is responsible for designing and building the gas pipeline at its own expense from the connection point and for installing gas appliances.

Compiled by: Rescue Board