Television, telephone and internet

Estonia made the switchover to digital television on 1 July 2010. Digital broadcasting is digital television that can be viewed with an ordinary antenna.

Digital television

Digital broadcasting makes available nationwide TV channels as well as pay-per domestic and television programming services that were thus far available only via cable television or satellite television. Five Estonian television channels are currently free of charge via digital broadcasting: ETV, ETV2, Kanal 2, TV3 and Tallinna TV. To receive these channels, it is not necessary to join any service provider. Signing up is only necessary if you wish to watch international and domestic pay-per-channels as well.

If you live in a place where cable and other signals are not received the only possibility of getting TV reception is satellite television. To receive signals from satellites, a satellite “dish” antenna must be procured.

Telephone services and internet

When you purchase a dwelling (apartment, house etc) without a telephone and other telecommunications, you have the opportunity to choose the service provider suitable for you. Many telecommunications companies have comprehensive service packages that include Internet, telephone and digital TV.

What you must definitely know?

  • A user’s telephone number can be changed by the company with at least two months advance notice.
  • The invoice for services must be presented at least once a month, within seven days of the subsequent period.
  • The consumer must be allowed to pay in cash, by payment order or payment card.
  • Invoices must be presented on paper or electronic medium or in some other manner.
  • The payment term for the invoice may not be less than two weeks of the invoice date.
  • The size of the telecommunications service fee may be challenged for up to one year.
  • There must be a 24h possibility of reporting problems (telephone number, e-mail etc).
  • The time for eliminating faults and the procedures for receiving notices must be set forth in the new connection agreement.
  • Public disclosure of data on consumers and forwarding and processing thereof must be set forth in the new connection agreement.

When switching telephone operators, telephone service customers have the option to change telephone operators and to retain their existing number. To do so, the customer must go to the new company’s customer service and select the package that he or she wants to join. Thereafter the previous agreement must be terminated so that it would cease to be valid at the moment that the customer makes the switch. Otherwise the customer will no longer have access to his or her old number. It is only possible to join operators who have their own network.

The website of the Estonian Competition Authority has a calculator for communications services (in Estonian), that anyone can use to find the most suitable telephone, mobile telephone, data communication services or comprehensive solution (Internet, telephone, digital or cable television) service package. The communications service calculator allows price comparisons to be made with regard to various communications services packages. The communications services calculator does not work in real-time, and thus there may be differences from the prices of services offered on the market. Thus it is advisable to compare the calculator prices with the latest offers from the service providers. The calculator data are updated once a month from the service providers’ websites.

Compiled by: Competition Authority