Who provides legal assistance

Legal assistance is provided by legal bureaus, law offices and notaries. Basic legal assistance is given to least privileged people by several non-profit associations, and the national system of legal assistance makes a lawyer’s assistance available to the least privileged.

The aim of the free legal assistance portal www.juristaitab.ee (in Estonian) created in cooperation between the Ministry of Justice and the Lawyers’ Association is to help people find answers to legal questions that they encounter in everyday life. State administrative agencies have information lines that can be called to ask for the information needed. You may also turn to rural municipality and city governments, where officials with a law degree might be able to provide legal advice.

The Legal Services Office operates in Tallinn, Tartu and Jõhvi, where people can receive free legal assistance.

Pensioners are given free legal assistance in Tallin, Tartu, Pärnu, Rakvere, Jõgeva and Jõhvi. Legal assistance in family atters is given via the Union for Child Welfare.

Student solicitor bureaus

Free legal assistance in Tallinn is offered by students in Tallinn city office (7 Vabaduse väljak). The service is provided in both Estonian and Russian.

Free legal assistance is periodically also offered by the law office run by the students of the University of Tartu, where the solicitors are students who have not yet fully obtained their law degree. Further information can be found on the web page of the faculty of law.

Advice for people with special needs

Free assistance for people with special needs of permanent health conditions is given via the Estonian Association of the Deaf and the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People.

State legal assistance means that legal services are provided to a person at the expense of the state. State legal assistance is given by a lawyer, and legal assistance is offered with regard to pre-trial procedure (in civil, criminal and misdemeanour matters), judicial proceeding (in civil, criminal, misdemeanour and administrative matters), execution proceeding, administrative proceeding, review procedure, drawing up a legal document, or another legal consultation or representation. State legal assistance means that the legal service is initially paid for by the state; however, upon providing legal assistance, an obligation may be put on the person to pay for the legal assistance in part, or to repay the legal expenses in part or in full after the end of the court action. Explanation of the options of state legal assistance is also provided free of charge by law offices.

The State Portal eesti.ee does not provide legal assistance, European e-Justice portal provides information on justice systems.

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