Companies operating in areas subject to special requirements

If you operate in an area subject to special requirements, your business activity must at any moment meet the conditions of the activity licence or notice of economic activity. If your enterprise does not meet the conditions, the authority responsible for licensing may deny issuing am activity licence, discontinue it or declare it invalid.

If the data of your economic activities changes, you have to notify the authority managing the related register of notices of economic activities within 5 days.

Changing the data of an activity licence in general requires notification of related authority 30 days prior to making the changes.

Confirmation of activity licenses and notices of economic activity

As an entrepreneur you have to confirm the correctness of your data in a register that manages activity licences or notices of economic activities once a year by submitting your annual report or by filing company taxes. Please check your data (address, business name, activities etc.) before confirming its correctness and change the data if necessary.

An entrepreneur that is not obliged to confirm correctness of the data (a branch of a foreign company, for example) shall confirm the correctness of its data at the Register of Economic Activities (MTR).

Revoking an activity licence and deleting a notice of economic activity Your activity license for operating in an area of activity subject to special requirements will be revoked in the following cases:

  • you have deliberately filed misinformation that had positively influenced issuing of the licence;
  • your company has abandoned its economic activity;
  • your company is wound up judicially or a prohibition on activity is imposed on your company;
  • your company failed to start business operations within two years since the activity licence was issued or within the term set by the secondary conditions of the activity licence;
  • you have severely violated the primary or secondary conditions of the activity licence;
  • the activity permitted with activity licence causes major damage or hazard to public order, which did not exist or was not known at the moment of granting of the activity licence, and which outbalances your interest to continue the activity, and which cannot be eliminated with amendment of the activity licence;
  • change of the precondition for receiving the activity licence.

If there are any deficiencies in complying with special requirements, you will first be given an opportunity to eliminate them. If you are not able to comply with the special requirements, your activity license will be revoked.

Changing and deleting data

If you desire to change, suspend or delete the data of your activity licence or your notice of economic activity, then submit an application to the authority (for example, the Register of Economic Activities that manages the activity licence or the notice of economic activity. If there is no way to submit the application for changes or deletion electronically directly to the register, you are free to submit the application on paper or by e-mail as long as you mark what should be changed or deleted.

Last amended: 16-02-2016 11:47 | Compiled by: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications