Activity licence for youth project camp

An activity licence for a youth project camp needs to be applied for if you wish to provide young people with the opportunity to take part in educational and recreational activities.

The following documents govern the activities of permanent youth camps and project youth camps and applying for activity licences for such camps:

Requirements for the applicant

You must meet the following requirements to receive an activity licence for a youth project camp:

  • you have the necessary rooms that meet the requirements to provide recreational and educational holidays;
  • you have the necessary documents to prove your right to use these rooms;
  • you have a director and counsellors for the youth camp who have the required qualifications;
  • you have been entered in the commercial register, the non-profit associations and foundations register or the register of religious associations as a youth camp manager.

Cross-border operation

In the case that a business operator is registered in another contracting party to the European Economic Area Agreement but wishes to render services in Estonia, the enterprise must apply for an activity licence on the conditions provided in this guide.

Information about operating in another contracting party to the European Economic Area Agreement as a job intermediary is available via the point of single contact of the respective country at the EUGO network.

Completing and submitting the application

Applications for activity licences must be submitted three months before the commencement of camp activities at the latest.

Submit your application via the State Portal to receive an activity licence (use of the service requires that you log in using your ID card or mobile ID).

The following additional documents are required:

  • information on the premises (buildings), furnishings and area necessary for the activities of the youth and project camp, and information concerning their compliance with health protection, fire safety and rescue requirements;
  • the name, personal identification code and place of residence of the person responsible for organising the project camp and the exact location in which the project camp is conducted;
  • a written consent of the director of the youth and project camp complying with the qualification requirements and documents which allow to assess their compliance with the requirements;
  • the objective and schedule of the youth camp.

Changing the conditions of activity licence

A new application for an activity licence must be submitted in the event that the terms of your activity licence change, for example if the manager or the location of the camp changes.


The local government that has granted permission to the camp manager to conduct a youth project camp shall exercise supervision over the camp.

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