Notice of economic activities of manager of continuing adult education

In the event that you wish to start to organise continuing adult education, you can submit a notice of economic activities concerning your activities.

The submission of a notice of economic activities is not a mandatory prerequisite for organising continuing adult education, but it brings about several advantages. Among other things, only training providers that are entered in the Estonian Education Information System can provide training to the public sector or participate in procurements.

The following acts govern the submission of notices of economic activities concerning continuing adult education:

Requirements for the submitter

Organisers of continuing adult education can submit notices of economic activities concerning the organisation of continuing adult education. Upon submission of a notice of economic activities, the respective trainer is entered in the Estonian Education Information System and the trainer is thereafter obliged to adhere to all requirements proceeding from the Adult Education Act in all their activities.

Cross-border activities

Information about operating in another contracting party to the European Economic Area Agreement is available via the point of single contact of the respective country at the EUGO network.

Filling and submission of notices

Notices of economic activities can be submitted via the state portal (use of the service requires logging in with an ID card, Mobile ID or via Internet bank). The manager of a continuing education institution shall disclose the following when submitting a notice of economic activities:

  • the continuing education institution’s curricula groups in which continuing education is provided;
  • the contact data of the institution;
  • the address of the website.

The documents that the training activity is based on need not be attached to notices of economic activities. By submitting a notice of economic activities, the trainer undertakes to disclose on its website the bases for the organisation of studies in continuing education, the continuing education curricula, the names of adult educators of the continuing education courses together with the description of the qualification, learning or work experience proving their competence, and the bases for ensuring the quality of the activities of the continuing education institution.

Changing the data of notices of economic activities

In the event that the data of your notice of economic activities changes, you can amend the notice of economic activities by accessing the Estonian Education Information System in the same manner as you did when you submitted the notice.

Renouncement of economic activities

In the case that you wish to renounce your operations in your chosen area of activity, delete your application in the same environment where you applied the notice of economic activities.


State or administrative supervision over the managers of continuing education institutions and the compliance of their activities with the requirements established in the Adult Education Act and on the basis thereof is exercised by the Ministry of Education and Research.

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