Activity licence for farming mink and raccoon dog

You are required to apply for an activity licence if you wish to keep mink (Mustela vison) or raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) in a fur farm.

The activity licence is valid for 5 years and is issued by the Environmental Board.

Legal acts serving as the basis for the activity license for farming European or American mink:

Requirements to the applicant

To be issued an activity license, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • The building structure and the organisation of running the farm preclude the accidental release of minks or raccoon dogs into the wild on their own or with outside help.
  • The farm is under continuous surveillance 24 hours a day in such a manner that the staff and visitors in the territory of the farm are accounted for and any person who does not belong among the aforementioned persons is detected immediately.
  • The farm is located in mainland Estonia.

Cross-border operation

If the undertaking has been established and is active in mink and raccoon dog farming in another European Economic Area State but also wishes to be active in Estonia, the undertaking is subject to the same terms and conditions as are local undertakings.

Information on operating in another European Economic Area Member State can be found in the Point of Single Contact EUGO of the respective Member State.

Completing and submitting of an application

To be issued an activity license, you must submit an application to the Environmental Board. In addition to the information required in subsection 19 (2) of the General Part of the Economic Activities Code Act, the person requesting a farm activity licence must submit the following information to the Environmental Board:

  • The number, sex, age and origin of the animals of the breeding stock.
  • The plan for the acquisition or renewal of animals, which contains information on the number, sex and origin of animals to be brought for forming or renewing the breeding stock.
  • The action plan to be implemented in the event of an accident, e.g. if animals escape.

The application can be submitted:

Payment of the state fee

For applying for the activity license, you are required to pay a state fee of EUR 20 to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance with reference number 2900081693.

  • SEB – EE891010220034796011
  • Swedbank – EE932200221023778606
  • Danske Bank – EE403300333416110002
  • Luminor Bank – EE701700017001577198

Processing of an application

The application shall be processed within 40 days after receiving a correct application. The Environmental Board may extend the period for processing the application.

If the data specified in the application is incomplete, you shall be contacted after the submission of the application via e-mail or telephone and you will be given an additional 30 days to eliminate the inconsistencies. The period for processing the application shall be suspended for the time of eliminating the inconsistencies. If the Environmental Board does not review the request within the aforementioned term or within an extended term, the farm activity licence will not be deemed to be granted to the undertaking by default once the term has expired.

You will be notified of the issuing of the activity license via e-mail or mail. The activity licence is issued electronically.

The activity licence is valid for 5 years. At or after the end of the validity of the activity license, a new activity license can be applied for.

Changing the data of an activity licence

If you wish to expand your activities by increasing the breeding stock or changing the location of the activity, you must apply for a new activity license.

Discontinuation of economic activities

If you wish to cease the farming of European and American mink, you must submit a written and digitally signed application to the Environmental Board via e-mail or a signed application via mail.

To suspend the activity license, specify the reasons for suspending the activity and the period of suspension.

Revoking of the activity licence

Your activity licence shall be revoked if you violate the conditions of the activity licence or conditions based on which the activity licence was issued.


The Environmental Inspectorate is responsible for national supervision regarding the compliance of mink and raccoon dog farms with the terms and conditions of the activity licence and conditions based on which the activity licence was issued.

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