Activity licence for forest survey activities

You must apply for an activity licence if you wish to carry out activities in the area of forest management and carry out the following works:

  • forest inventory;
  • preparation of forest management plans.

The activity licence is valid for an unspecified term and is issued by the Environmental Agency

The forest survey activities are regulated by:

Requirements to the applicant

To be issued an activity license, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • own sufficient technical equipment for carrying out forest survey activities;
  • carry out forest survey activities with a forest surveyor owning the certificate of a forest surveyor;
  • carry out forest survey activities according to the requirements specified under the guidelines for forest management;
  • pay state fee.

Professional qualification of employees

If you wish to employ an employee, who has received his/her qualification abroad or has professional (vocational) work experience abroad, the employee must have his/her professional qualification recognised in Estonia. A professional qualification acquired abroad may not automatically comply with the conditions established in Estonia.

Find out about the professions / professional practice that must be recognised.

Contact the competent authority of your area of activity to receive additional information and have the professional qualification of an employee recognised.

Cross-border operation

If the undertaking has been established and is active in the area of forest survey activity in another European Economic Area Member State but wishes to also be active in Estonia, the undertaking must apply for an activity license for forest survey activities under conditions specified in Estonia.

Information of operation in another EEA country can be found in the common contact point EUGO of the relevant country.

Completing and submitting the application

To acquire an activity license, you must submit a respective application and the following supplementary documents:

  • List of persons carrying out forest survey activities with the applicant, indicating the name and personal identification code of the person, the number and date of issue of the forest surveyor certificate, and the date of conclusion of the employment contract or the date of the directive appointing the person in office;
  • List of technical and compliant equipment used for carrying out forest survey activities and their technical documentation in accordance with the requirements established under the Regulation of the Minister of the Environment “Requirements for the technical equipment for forest survey activities”.

The application can be submitted:

NB You must pay the state fee before submitting the application.

Payment of the state fee

For applying for the activity license, you are required to pay a state fee of EUR 320 to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance EE891010220034796011 in SEB bank with reference number 2900081693.

Processing of an application

The submitted application is processed within 30 days after receiving the application and supplementary documents.

If the data specified in the application is incomplete or inconsistent, you shall be contacted on the following working day of discovering the inconsistency at the latest via e-mail or telephone.

After the inconsistencies have been eliminated, the activity licence shall be issued within 30 days. If the activity licence has not been issued within 30 days, the activity licence shall not be regarded as issued by default.

Discontinuation of economic activities

If you wish to cease your forest survey activities, send a digitally signed notification regarding the cessation of economic activity via e-mail to the Environment Agency, specifying the date of cessation of the economic activity.

The notice of cessation of an economic activity can also be submitted by by entering the Register of Economic Activities via the state portal (requires logging in by ID card, Mobile ID or internet banking).

Revoking of the activity licence

The activity license for forest survey activities may be revoked in the following cases:

  • The owner of the activity license has, within three months, violated the requirements for forest survey activities or has disregarded the requirements for forest survey activities on 15 per cent of the cadastral units the forest inventory data of which have been submitted for entry in the state register of the forest resource by the holder of the licence.
  • The owner of the activity license distorts the height, breast height diameter, age, basal area or composition of the forest stand on one cadastral unit in such a manner that it may result in damage to the environment in the amount of at least 6,400 euros.
  • The owner of the activity license determines the growing stock on a cadastral unit with an error that exceeds 25 per cent.

The issuer of the activity license may also revoke the license in the following cases:

  • The undertaking fails to commence economic activities within two years after the issuing of the activity licence or
  • severely violates the economic activity requirements in the subject of review of the activity licence.

An undertaking whose activity licence has been revoked may apply for a new activity licence for the same activity at any time. If the activity licence of an undertaking has been revoked in the previous year due to violation by the undertaking of the economic activity requirements in the subject of review of the activity licence or the secondary conditions of the activity licence, it has to add to the new application for an activity licence submitted for the same activity a plan for compliance with the undertaking’s diligence obligation.


National supervision is carried out by the Environment Agency.

Contact details

Substantive information

Enn Pärt, Environment Agency, tel: +372 516 0753; e-mail:

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Registry information and technical questions

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